Dining With Grace

2021 Show Schedule
Opening July 3, 2021

(In compliance with the CDC and Covid restrictions, luncheons are prepared by workers following all guidelines and protocols.  Each lunch will be individually packaged to ensure safety and freshness.  Frequent sanitizing in our kitchen and dining area will be observed.)

All luncheon prices are inclusive of the portrayal, tax and gratuity.   Groups should consist of at least 40 or more.
For groups of 20-40, please call for performance options.

The Sower & The Shepherd

July 3rd thru August 28th

Why did Jesus teach in Parables? The purpose of parables is simply to hide the secrets of God’s Kingdom from some and to reveal these secrets to others. Parables make the Kingdom of God more understandable to those who are willing to be taught, but at the same time more difficult to understand to those that are stubborn.

This modern day allegory will take an in-depth look into many of Jesus’ Parables. This play will follow the lives of Hungry, Thirsty, Casual, and Mediocre on their journey to and through the Kingdom of God.

Please remember before a Parable can ever be understood, it must first be revealed. He that has ears let him hear.

The Royal Blood and the Kingdom

September 4th thru October 23rd

In every generation, each and every person must see himself as though he personally experienced the Exodus from Egypt.  This has been the theme down through the generations to all that have celebrated and experienced the Passover.

Through this portrayal, one will experience the deliverance from Egypt (with no hopes of returning), the Miracle of the Passover and be introduced to the eternal Passover Lamb.

Please come and discover this Priceless Royal Blood that has never lost Its Power.  Please come and discover the entrance into His Kingdom.

Luncheon Menu Choices

We have re-imagined lunch and have taken the lunch out of the box. These are not your ordinary box lunches.

Each luncheon will include a sandwich with garnish, salad, fruit, dessert and beverage.  Please make up to two selections for your group and state the quantity for each.

Sandwich Choices

(Served with Mansfield's own Jones Potato Chips)

Salad Choices

Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and Macaroni Salad

Dessert Choices

2 Cookies

Beverage Choices

Bottled Water, Canned Soda, or Coffee

To Avoid Cancellation: Please return menu, along with a 50% deposit at least two weeks before scheduled tour date.
If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-222-0139

Kids Menu Choices

(This menu is for children ages 12 & under ONLY; Children 5 and under eat free)

Sandwich Choices

(Served with Mansfield's own Jones Potato Chips)

Dessert Choices

2 Cookies

Beverage Choices

Bottled Water, Canned Soda, White Milk or Chocolate Milk
If your choice is milk, please specify white or chocolate and amount